Living With Fibromyalgia And Achieving My Dreams!

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There are a few goals that you have in your life and I have to say that I am eventually ticking off the boxes. I am origanilly a graphic design and illustrator and got to work on all the large campaigns that I wanted to so to see you’re work in Ireland and the UK was amazing.

Dream Big-Set Goals-Take Action

When I went into Fashion styling I wanted to work on shoots and shows and over the years I have gotten to work with some amazing talented people, I have worked on some big shows, worked on one of the Guinness Ads and much more.

This year I had hope to achieve a few things am I thrilled to say that I have. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year ago and at the time I didn’t know what it was, all I knew was that I was in so much pain I wanted to cry! It was so weird I had been feeling great and then we moved offices and house in the same week. We had alot of mishaps along the way and it was just by Christmas that we were getting there. I was so looking forward to Christmas but I was so stressed. I had a fab day with Shauna and loved every minute of that day and Stephens day. I went out on Stephens night and after that it hit me like a lead balloon, or alot of hot rods. Someones I think someone has a Voodoo doll of me. It is such a hard illness to cope with and there are days that you just don’t want to get up but I am a strong and positive person and have some great friends around me so I got on with it. I have my bad days, my VERY bad days and my HORRIFIC days but I have my great days and I make sure I achieve my dreams in these one.

FIlming-For-Rte2I have always wanted to style for TV and earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with top model Rachel Wallace on a show for RTE2. It was so much fun and from them on it has opened so many doors for me.

Nicole Hughes from Made In Chelsea saw on Facebook that I was styling Rachel and got in touch with me. With very little time to spare as she needed an outfit for the following day I rushed in to town to get her sorted. At this stage it was top secret what Nicola was doing so we had so much fun trying not to let it slip out.

Flutterby-Styling-For-Nicola-Hughes-Made-In-ChelseaWe got the most beautiful dress for her from MacDoll Boutique, an amazing treasure trove on Grafton Street, we used them in our 1st Fashion Show for Fibromyalgia we love them that much!!! I have since styled Nicola for 3 of the shows and the other MIC girls have gotten in touch with me to style them. I am taking a trip to London after our next Fashion Show which will be so exciting.

Nicola-Hughes-Orange-DressI then wanted to build awareness for FIbromyalgia. It is known as the ‘Invisible Illness’ as you can look good but feel rotten. Some doctors don’t believe it as an illness and alot of people can think you are just a moan but believe you me it is very real. Through this I have found friends that I never knew had it and that are suffering just as bad. I want to show people that you can still work, have friends and get to go out… on your good days!! The show went so well that we are now doing another one with Sophie From Geordie Shore coming over.

Meet-Sophie-From-Geordie-ShoreSo what happened next with my ticking of boxes. Well I have always loved Lorraine Keane, had a little style crush If I am been honest and was thrilled that she asked me to work on her Keane On Style Workshop. The first one I did was in The Blue Haven in Kinsale and was so much fun. I gave advice on body shape and shared some of my disasters with all the girlies. Look out for more shows around the country!

Keane-on-styleYesterday I achieved another dream of mine… I got to work on Xpose on TV3. I have always loved the program and watched from the day it started. I got a call on Wednesday to see would I come on and give my style advice and I was thrilled to do so, I will be writing a blog on it so I will link you to it! I loved every moment of it and was as great as I thought it would be. So there you go things are coming together and although today is a bad day you never know what is around the corner.

Trend Tacklers On XposeSo keep posted guys and lets hope that I achieve more of my dreams and keep going. I want to say a huge thank you to every model, parent, and organiser of the show in the Wright Venue. Thank you to every single person has come to me with kind words, who has offered help for the next show and on a daily basis.

To my sister for been there to listen to me moan and her kids to keep me smiling and lastly a HUGE thank you to my daughter Shauna for putting up with me, for making me laugh 24/7 with her madness and craziness and for even fighting me! Makes me feel normal!

Love Nicole Flutterby x

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