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Sorry for the lack of posts, we have had a very few stressful weeks. So without sounding like moans I will give you an old update on our lives!

At the moment I am HATING Fibro, I would love to say we have a love/hate relationship but as it stands I have a hate/hate relationship! I have been suffering so much with the pain, stabbing pains all the time.The tiredness is a killing, I literally slept for 4 days on and off much to Shaunas annoyance, on the funny side though I come out with such random stuff and sleep walk, talk and god knows what else. I think at one stage I woke up screaming that someone was robbing the doughnuts! I don’t even like doughnuts… and who the hell would break in to rob doughnuts! Ah at least I keep her entertained! lol

Fibromyalgia MemeWe then both ended up with throat infections. Poor Shauna was so much worse than me and ended up looking like Mike Tyson with the size of her glands!!! Funny for me to look at painful for her to go through! She also lost her voice, so that was a good day for me!

Since then we have been playing catch up on work, with courses, hair, makeup my semi-permanent lashes, admin and so much more! But sure these things have to done and thankfully we love our jobs.

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions dublinShauna’s salon is 2 this week so we have loads of exciting things going on, she has some great makeup offers, hair offers and lash offers. Check out our pages for more details. On Saturday we are having cupcakes, presecco and we will be out on the street to fill you in on all our courses and much more. So make sure to look out for us.

I now have to go off and design the leaflets and t-shirts for Saturday, prepare for makeup class tonight. So I am going to sign off and chat to you guys later!

Love Nicole Flutterby x

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