Brows Over the Years – How Bad Were Yours!

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HD Brows are the way to go these days but years ago that was not the case! Thin or over grown brows, basically anything that was there was the way to go.

Nicole Spain BrowsWhen I look back at old photos I have to laugh at myself, my brows were non-existent for years! In school I plucked them thinking I was great. Thankfully I have no pictures to share with you! Years later I discovered that you could use a pencil in your eyebrows but instead of using a darker pen to highlight I got one for blondes (I was blonde at the time as I am naturally fair). Please don’t laugh at the pictures I am sharing.julia-roberts BROWS

It looks like though I was not the only one who was loving the not so there look and very fond of the tweezers. Check out some of the celebs who also had dodgy brows!

Celebrity Brows!

jennifer-lopez-1998_2015 BROWS

jada-pinkett-smith BROWS mages_660x660

Brows Over the years!

Gwen-Stefani BROWS

drew-barrymore BROWS

cara-delevingne brows


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