Faces By Grace Leaves Snapchat After Some Very Hurtful Comments!

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Faces By Grace is taking a break from Snapchat, which for the thousands upon thousands that follow her will be upset with, firstly because we will all miss her but secondly but because of the reason she is doing it. Our heart goes out to Grace Mongey the owner of Faces by Grace as she is taking time away from snapchat due to negativity and comments on the way she is caring for her gorgeous baby Sienna.

faces-by-grace-leave-snap-chatGrace pumped milk as she is breast feeding only to later through the milk down the sink when she realised her mistake. Grace had headed out with her partner Chris the night before and would of still had alcohol in her system! She is part of a breast feeding group on facebook where the negative comment was made and upset the new mother, obviously!! She did NOT give Sienna the milk and from everything we see is a great mother her dots over the cutie. As you can imagine she was obviously very upset as any mother would.

Grace said on snapchat, ‘I know I shouldn’t feel pressure from other people, but one comment from someone and it just turns my mood,” she told fans.

She added: “I’m like, why do I do this? Why do I put myself out there to be judged? Sometimes I ask ‘Is it worth it?’”

faces-by-grace-and-boyfriend-chrisShe went on with her day and her snaps of Sienna (we are OBSESSED) minding her own business. As a new mother breast feeding, she pointed out that she didn’t everything on the subject and the group that she was part of would have more knowledge, (makes sense) she shared the group on her snapchat only to find out that she had been deleted by the group and was no longer part of it! Like WTF!!! She shared a group to help other people and she is bringing up her baby perfectly fine, have you seen her she is perfectly fit and healthy and happy as can be!! (god she makes me broody!!) who are we to judge, she has done nothing wrong!

face-by-grace-leaves-snapchatWe hope to see Grace back soon and we wish her all the best. You are a great mother and dont need that negativity in your life! Please come back soon we need Sienna updates!!

Nicole Flutterby x


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  1. Mary Sir

    November 14, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    This is disgraceful, people should mind their own business. Grace is a great mother

  2. Mary foy

    November 15, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    if you actually research how much alcohol actually goes into breastmilk is it around 1% at the actual time of drinking so come the time she pumped it would most likely be out of her system. the fact alone she is breast feeding her baby deserves a some serious credit as it is not easy and for people to comment on such a thing (who most likely never breastfeed let alone probably aren’t even mothers) motherhood is hard enough , mind your business

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