Lamar Is Breathing On His Own And Has Left The Hospital!

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Lamar Odom has defied all odds and is now able to breath on his own. Not only that but he has now been discharged from his hospital in Las Vegas where he has been in since last tuesday. The former pro basketballer is reportedly making ‘fast progress’ and no longer needs an oxygen mask to assist his breathing.

Khloe Kardashian, who has sat by his bedside since he was rushed to hospital after been found unconscious in a Las Vegas Brothel, and Lamar were air lifted from the hospital to LA. He will spend time in a rehabilitation centre there. TMZ says ‘Lamar will have physical, speech, and other therapists working with him for the foreseeable future. As for Khloe, she has vowed to stay with him through the entire ordeal … and that includes all therapy.’

khloe-and-lamar-out-of-hospitalJaNean Mercer, Odom’s maternal aunt and godmother, said in a statement. “Lamar has always been blessed with a tenacious, fighting spirit, overcoming insurmountable obstacles to achieve the impossible. These past few days have been no different. … [He is] defying the odds in his toughest battle to date.”

We can’t believe that he actually made it and are so happy, we have always been team Lamar. He is one lucky man to have Khloe Kardashian by his side through this horrible ordeal. So heres to things getting better (and for the romantics in us, them getting back together!)

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