My Fibromyalgia Diary – Its Gotten The Better Of Me!

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Its been a while since I did my Fibromyalgia diary so I thought I would say hi and let you know what I have up to! Lately Fibromyalgia has gotten the better of me and the pain is so intense I want to cry, but hey you just have to get on with it.

So what have I been up to? Well we moved house to a fab 3 Bedroom Penthouse in Swords, I am loving it at the moment as it is a total suntrap and I am out baking myself whenever I can. My room is all white, which I love as it is so relaxing, I am very OCD and if there was any dirt I wouldn’t be able to sleep!

fibromyalgia-effectsI never thought Fibromyalgia could be this bad but ever inch of me aches, I can’t stay away awake during the day, can’t sleep sleep at night. I am finding it hard to wear clothes, not that I am going around naked or anything, don’t be worried. The material of certain clothes burns my skin, so I have resorted to wearing nice loose trousers, or nice casual tracksuits. I am so excited to see Megan McKennas range for as they do the nicest casual and lounge gear! If it is a step closer for me to look like anything like Megan I am on board! lol

My Fibromyalgia Diary

Me and baby the gorgeous Luca

Workwise we have been very busy thank god. We have loads of new courses coming up and makeup courses running at the moment. I will be starting on-line fashion styling courses soon so Im getting all that organized. I am also doing the semi-permanent lashes as well in the studio, I am loving doing them and I have so many happy clients.

FLutterby Makeup Course Dublin

Cut-crease done by Shauna Spain for our 8 Week Makeup Course

But keeping busy with Fibromyalgia don’t mix well. I ended up in hospital a few times over the last couple of months. One for a reaction to an anesthetic, then one for tests and lastly to get injections in my spine and thighs. My meds have been increased and I am now on pain patches.

Semi-Permanent LashesI wish at the moment I wasn’t me, that I wasn’t going through this but that is life I suppose. I am hoping between the new meds, patches and the bit of sunshine I will begin to feel better. Hopefully next time I chat to you life will be slightly better.


Nicole Flutterby x


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