Rob Kardashian Steps Out With Fiance Blac Chyna Showing His Weight Loss

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It is so nice to see Rob Kardashian smile, actually to even seen him at all. The Keeping Up The Kardashians reality TV star has been MIA for the last year or more, not even attending his sister Kim wedding to Kayne West.

Rob Kardashian, who is now engaged to Blac Chyna (the mother of Tygas son, who is now dating Kylie Jenner) stepped out looking extremely happy and alot trimmer than he has looked in recent years. Rob has suffered from severe depression and obesity and the only evidence that he was still with us was when he tweeted for Lamar to get better after his overdose.

Rob Kardashian Weight LossRob has already lost some weight since he began dating Blac Chyna, as she has now started him on an intense workout regime.

Chyna’s training session – which the pair documented on social media – began with a weigh in, with the scales reading 248.4lbs. She then got her other half to state his name, weight and height (6ft 1in) for the camera.

Chyna then asked Rob how much he hopes to weigh at the end of their training together, he said he’d be happy with being 210lbs or 200lbs.

Rob Kardashian exercise‘I think that’s perfect,’ she replied, before asking him to give her permission to train him ‘every day for the next five weeks’. He is going to let her do it and get him back to former trimmer self. This is exactly what Rob needs as he has been battling with his weight for so long.

Rob Kardashian engaged to Blac ChynaWe will keep an eye on his progress and keep you posted but so good to see him with a smile on his face. Depression is no joke so fair play to Rob Kardashian for beating it and eventually looking happy!


Nicole Flutterby x

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