Stephanie Davis IS Pregnant After A Source Claims She Did Three Tests!

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Another day another drama with these 2!!! Stephanie Davis is pregnant with Jeremy McConnells baby. The Big Brother pair have been on and off more times than I have changed my knickers but now from what Steph is saying it is off for good! The former Hollyoaks actress shocked fans on Instagram by revealing that she is expecting her Irish ex’s baby. (It is said to be confirmed after taking THREE pregnancy tests).

Stephanie Davis Pregnant_BBAs always to stir more drama she quickly deleted the posts but of course she would know that the world and his wife would of screenshot it first. (check it out here). She is claiming that the Irish model wants nothing to do with her and won’t take her calls.

Stephanie Davis is PregnantFollowing her shocking Instagram update the Stephanie Davis IS Pregnant, Jeremy, who has not been on social media in days, broke his silence in response, simply writing: ‘The loudest in the room is the weakest.‘ They are all very cryptic these two!!

Stephanie Davis is Pregnant with Jeremeys babyMeanwhile Stephanie posted just three days ago that she was taking something of a break from the social media site (for the Hundredth time) but  as always she wasn’t able to maintain her self-imposed absence.

She wrote on Saturday, ‘Coming off social media for a while dudes having a break ✌take care and look after your selfs, Stephanie.’ [sic]

Stephanie Davis Pregnant_fightinhBut then on Monday, she wrote: ‘Stress I’ve been under don’t know how I’m standing. #alwaystheselfishpeopleonlyseewhattheycause.’ 

So what is going on now? Is Jeremey really ignoring her? She will have to bring up the baby on her own or is there a baby at all??!

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