Stephanie Davis Reveals Her Baby Bump To The World!

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Stephanie Davis has finally put a stop to all the rumors of a fake pregnancy and shown her bump to the whole of the world! The ex-Hollyoaks and Big Brother star who is pregnant with ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell Cookes’ baby (although he firmly denies the unborn child is his!) has given an exclusive interview to OK Magazine showing off her baby bump and talking about her pregnancy.

Stephanie Davis Baby bumpWe have to say we were, like others sceptical about her pregnancy but this has shut us up! Stephanie Davis looks stunning as she posed in an orange maxi dress from River Island and reveals how the baby has saved her life, saying, ‘I wouldn’t be alive now if it wasn’t for this baby. It’s been the worst time of my life but this baby has saved my life – I was suicidal but it gave me something to live for.’

Stephanie Davis babySWe have to say we are happy that she is getting her life together and away from her toxic relationship with Jeremy. We had such high hopes for these two… did you?

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