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“In November 2012, just as my agency Distinct Model Management launched, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the fab Flutterby Girls and I have to say, they asked all the right questions and I had great feedback from the piece. I’m already a big fan of flutteronby blog as it covers absolutely everything a girl could want so it was a pleasure being featured. I look forward to working with them again and can’t recommend the blog highly enough for girls and women of all ages!”

Anne Morgan

Distint Model Management


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“We first met Flutterby Fashion Styling on a photoshoot when the girls used our stock for a press shoot. We were really happy with the outcome of the photos as they made our stock stand out and also used a range of our accessories.

After this we were so happy that we asked Nicole to come on the panel for our Miss Drop Dead Gorjess heat, who was entering into Miss Ireland. On the night we gave her a dress to wear and she did a ‘What I Wore’ post which was really successful as we could see the sales figures going up on that particular dress. As it went so well, we have given both girls addition stock to feature on the blog and we always find that it drives traffic to the site and fan pages. In addition to this we have also placed some ads for our DDG ROX range such as Item of The Week and other side bar placements, once again we notice the different in traffic and sales. We try to work with the girls as much as we can and definitely like working with The Flutterby Girls blog in particular as we find we get a great amount back out of it. We hope to continue to work with them in the future.”


Drop Dead Gorjess.



“This course is a necessary tool for anyone hoping to enter the wonderful world of fashion. The course provides you with vital information needed to pursue your path as well as giving you the confidence to do so. The course gives you the opportunity to work with professionals who have years of experience and lots of knowledge. So if your looking to embark on a career in fashion or even if it is just your hobby. This is definitely the course for you, I have gained so much and it helped me to confirm making a big step into the fashion world!”

Sinead Brennan, Past Student and Future Stylist 

“I just wanted to take the time to write a little piece about the styling course that I have almost completed with Flutterby Fashion Styling. I gained so much from this course, probably too much to even write here. Through doing the course not only did I expand my knowledge base of fashion but I found people who realised my potential and helped me to develop. I got to do an AMAZING photoshoot and am now leaving the course with confidence that I didnt have before. Thanks girls xxx”

Shelly Martin, Past Student and Future Designer



“The flutterby girls are an absolutely brilliant team to work with! Their knowledge, professionalism and friendliness are unparalleled in this industry. They have an amazing insight into the fashion world based on extensive experience and extremely hard work. Modelling with them for their styling course is always so much fun. It’s such a great learning experience and the girls are always by your side to create an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone works really hard on the shoots and through combined effort by all we always come out with fab pictures! The flutterby girls bring out the best in all involved; they are encouraging and supportive! I would recommend anybody to get involved with their work – it’s a wonderful learning experience that gives brilliant exposure and also a great way to make some true friends!”

Emma Mahony, Part Time Model

“I have worked with the Flutterby girls quite a few times at this stage and I still get excited every time I hear I will be working with them on a shoot! Its clear to see they know exactly what they are doing when you see them amongst the abundance of clothes in preparation for each look. I am always happy with each look they choose and they always take on board and appreciate everyone’s input especially if its for a press shoot & publications and where a theme is involved. This benefits the shoot as it makes the day run so much smoother because both Shauna and Nicole are so approachable. Shauna also has amazing hair skills, making the Flutterby duo talented all round! I will definitely be working with the Flutterby girls again in the future, all the shoots we worked with on together have turned out amazing and both the styling and the hair have played a major factor in this.”

AJ Make Up

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