This Has To Be The Worst Ad We Have Seen For Plus-Size Clothes!

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I don’t know whether to be shocked or to laugh but this ad for plus-size modeling is just wrong! The people over at Hello Giggles have uncovered a pretty disturbing listing for a pair of leather shorts, which basically shows a slim model wearing one of the legs as a skirt. They are selling the shorts by the way for plus-size women!!!

This image was found on shopping website/app Wish and we can’t get our heads around who would of signed off on this ad??

plus-size shortsAs I already said  (although you never guess) Wish is simply selling these shorts on its app for plus-size girls. The brand isn’t listed so it’s not clear who actually approved the idea.

But (as Hello Giggles points out), it’s a shame that the employees in charge of deciding what gets sold on Wish didn’t have a few questions about how OFFENSIVE the photo is.

Firstly, it’s clearly demeaning to those they’re trying to sell the shorts to. We mean, they’re basically making a joke out of their figures, right? So what are they saying, shorts are better than skirts? Plus-size girls look worse or better in clothes? or I don’t know what!!!

What is your opinion girls on the ad… would you be offended? I wonder how many shorts they will sell.. not too many I would imagine!

Nicole Flutterby x

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