‘What I Wore’ – Baby Pink Latex Skirt!

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It is a long time since I did a ‘What I Wore’ for you guys, maybe because its a long time since I’ve been out. Life has been very eventful at the moment. Between Shauna breaking her foot, my Fibro, moving house, my car breaking down about a hundred time and therefor resulting in me having no social life at all.

I headed out for my friend Carolines Birthday last Saturday and boy did we celebrate! We headed to Alfies first where we had some cocktails and food. We just got a reserved area and got finger food. Enough to line the stomach but not too much to be too full for alcohol. We then headed to Xico, it was my first time there and it wont be my last. It was so good, great music, easy to get to the bar and I ended up meeting pals that I hadn’t seen in ages which made the night even more fun.

What I wore Pink Latex skirtWe actually has nice enough weather (although I was freezing) so decided to go summery. If you know me by now you will know how much I love pink so it is no surprise that I wore some shade of pink. I choose a baby pink latex skirt and a navy string top. I adored the skirt but for any of you are getting one be careful, they can be hard to walk in and I managed to rip the slit at the back up VERY high!! The skirt I have about a year and have worn about 3 times (that is alot for me) I got it in LOVE in OMNI shopping centre but I am sure you will get them in any of the cheaper shops, mine was about 20€.

What I wore Caris Closet baby pink latex skirtThe top was from, surprise, surprise, Penneys. Again for those of you who know me know I am a Penneys gal. I also got the top about a year ago but it is just a simple cami for about €4 so you will definitely pick one up again this year. It came in white, navy and pink.

I chose my Cari’s Closet Nude Loubotions my go-to shoe! They are so comfy and go with everything! I have them about a year and the still look brand new. I also had a bag from Penneys but I can’t even show you as I left it my friends house!

So there you go my What I Wore, hopefully I will have another one soon now that my social life is picking up, that or I am going to start doing PJ ones!


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