Will Jennifer Aniston be haunted by Brad and Angelinas saga forever??

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Will Jennifer Aniston be haunted by Brad and Angelinas saga forever?? Brangelina split last week after 11 years and bringing up 6 kids together. The internet went wild with memes of Jennifer celebrating their break up and relishing in it but poor Jen just wants no part of it!!

Jennifer Aniston MemeThe Friends star who is married to actor Justin Theroux has never escaped the label of ‘second woman’ since she divorced Brad following his alleged affair with Angelina during their filming of (the the shockingly bad film) Mr & Mrs Smith.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad PItt SplitAccording to reports she is devastated at having been dragged back into the circus that is their relationship, she has her own life and marriage to get on with and enjoy! Going through her own break-up with Brad was painful enough that she doesn’t want to have to relive the humiliation all over again.

justin-theroux-and-jennifer-anistonJennifer Aniston memes were even printed on the front cover of the New York Post with a blown up snap of the stunning actress laughing! She has every right to gloat (we would be!) but she isn’t and just wants peace and quiet. A source revealed ‘Her friends are rallying around her because they know how upset she is. She feels like the whole thing is no laughing matter, but everyone seems to want to trivialise it’. The Friends star has even had to defend her own marriage to Justin Theroux amid claims that it is now on the rocks! Jennifer and Justin have been spending time apart due to work commitments and people are now commenting saying they are breaking up!

As much as the memes are funny, maybe we should give poor Jennifer Aniston a break… But we have to say Brad you were a FOOL to ever let her go!! KARMA we say!

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